General Knowledge of Centrifuges

May 09, 2022


1) Notes on the use of centrifuges (important):


1. Do not start the centrifuge until the drum is installed on the main shaft and the connecting nut is tightened.

2. Before starting the centrifuge, first turn the drum by hand. The rotation should be smooth and stable. If there is large shaking or rubbing, the cause must be found and the fault must be eliminated, otherwise the centrifuge must not be started. The maximum speed of the centrifuge is 16000 rpm, the specific gravity of the operating suspension is <=1.2g/cm3, the solid weight ratio is <4g/cm3, and the temperature is <70℃, which should not be exceeded during use. Changes must be approved by the manufacturer.


3. Before the centrifuge is completely stopped, do not touch the rotating parts with any objects, and do not disassemble any parts connected to the centrifuge.


4. Any parts on one drum and the other drum shall not be interchanged.

5. Regularly check the wear of the sliding bearing and the lower end cover bushing. When the inner diameter of the sliding bearing is greater than Φ33mm or the outer diameter of the lower end cover bushing is less than or equal to Φ31mm, it must be replaced.


2)Routine maintenance of the centrifuge:

1. Before the drum is not connected with the main shaft, screw the protective sleeve on the top thread of the drum to prevent the thread from being damaged by collision.

2. After centrifuge shutdown each time, the drum needs to be cleaned and disinfected to remove solid residues and maintain balance.


3. Clean and inspect the lower bearing set. Weekly or more often depending on usage. Remove dirt, check for flat wear, and ensure smooth bearing housing contact.


4. Replace the lower bearing compression spring once a year to ensure a good damping effect.


5. Add grease to the sliding bearing, and add an appropriate amount of grease before each startup to ensure the damping effect and bearing lubrication.

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