Hot air circulating sterilizing tunnel

YCRX is mainly used for drying and sterilizing and depyrogenation on antibiotic tube bottle, molded bottle, ampoule bottle, infusion bottle and oral liquid bottle. The machine can make bottle stay ≥300℃ temperature for≥5minutes, to reach drying, sterilizing, and depyrogenation.


lThe machine can be used individually, can also compose automatic production line

lTunnel structure, which is divided into pre-heating, high temperature sterilizing, and cooling

lHot air laminar flow and air high temperature sterilizing principle

lGood heat distribution, and good effect on depyrogenation

lThe equipment components are all international brand

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Production capacity

4000-24000 b/min (Depends on bottle size)

Temperature adjustment

100-320 ℃

Conveying method

width 600-800 mm, Mesh belt type

Conveying speed


Power supply

380V 50Hz


58 kW

Cooling method

Air cooling; Bottle discharge temperature≤class 100 room temperature 40℃

Heating method

Hot air circulation

Cleaness in chamber

Class 100 lanimar flow hood


3000 kg

Overall size

2000*800*1700 mm

User’s Manual

    Hot air circulating sterilizing tunnel
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