Plant Cell Culture

Microalgae cell has been domesticated for artificial culture and can be used in many fields such as food, cosmetics, feed, biofuels, etc. The development of microalgae cell culture technology has become the basis of microalgae application.


At present, the global energy is in tension, and the microalgae energy, as the third-generation biofuel, is considered to be one of the ideal ways to solve the energy crisis. The cultivation process of microalgae has also attracted more and more attention.


Plant cell bioreactor can provide favorable conditions for the growth of algae cells, and carry on the control of light, temperature, pH, DO, rotating speed, feeding, etc. The microalgae is obtained by centrifugation and freeze-drying technology, and carry out the next step of separation and purification. YOCELL can provide support and solutions for microalgae culture and biofuel production, which include from algal cell production to oil extraction.

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