Gargle filling line

This line consists of YCLP automatic unscrambler, YCGS-3 Filling and stoppering machine, YCXG Capping machine, and YCLT Vertical adhesive labeling machine.


lYCLP Automatic unscrambler organizes disordered bottles, it can continuously feed bottle, turn bottle and transfer bottle, it has high success ratio of unscrambling.

lYCGS-3 Filling and stoppering machine adopts servo system+stainless steel pump filling, the filling speed can be adjusted, and the filling is gentle to prevent liquid leak and reduce bubble. It has rejection function for no stoppering. It is easy for the replacement of format.

lYCXG Ferrule capping machine has a high success ratio of putting cup, screw capping has slipping system, it will not hurt the cap. The format is easy to change.

lYCLT Vertical adhesive labeling machine adopts servo motor driving, clear coding, and easy replacement of letter, and high quality of labeling.



lSuitable for pharmaceutical gargle

lFilling from 20-500 mL

lA wide range of application

lEasy to adjust.


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Containers sizes

Production capacity

Power supply


Overall size


20-500 mL

40-100 b/min

220V 50Hz

0.5 kW

1400*2320*1650 mm


20-500 mL

40-60 b/min

220V 50Hz

2.0 kW

2440*1050*1700 mm


80-100 b/min

4000*1200*1700 mm


20-500 mL

40-60 b/min

220V 50Hz

1.5 kW

2440*1400*1700 mm


80-100 b/min

2600*1400*1700 mm


20-500 mL

40-150 b/min

220V 50Hz

0.8 kW

2000*1050*1700 mm

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    Gargle filling line
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