YCIPC -HP preparative liquid chromatography

The YCIPC-HP series is an all-in-one preparative chromatography instrument that meets general laboratory preparation needs and is equipped with an anti-siphon check valve without the risk of pipeline siphon leakage.

Technical Features

lEasy to move, transport and install with integrated design and small covered area.

lCompatible with forward and reverse chromatography.

lA locking valve prevents siphoning by automatically blocking the flow path when the instrument is stopped.

lLarge volume collection valves facilitate the collection of large amounts of fluid fractions.

lThe surface treatment technology is optimized, and the instrument surface is highly resistant to chromatographic solvents, ensuring a long-lasting appearance.

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System Type

High pressure semi- preparation

High pressure preparation

Pump Configuration



Flow Rate



Flow rate accuracy



Flow rate stability(RSD)



Pressure Limit

30MPa (4300Psi)

21MPa (3000Psi) @100mL/min

24MPa (3500Psi) @40mL/min

Gradient accuracy



Gradient precision



Applicable HPLC Column (Inner diameter)

9.4 mm-50 mm

9.4 mm-50 mm


Two-solvent binary gradient/Four-solvent binary gradient

Injection Modes

Standard configuration: R7725i manual sampling valve;

Optional configuration: Automatic sampling valve (1,5,13 channels), Carousel autosampler(30mL*24 position/10 mL * 30/2 mL*48 position), Sample pump


190-650nm dual-channel variable wavelength UV detector

190-800nm dual-channel variable wavelength UV/Vis detector

200-400nm DAD detector

200-800nm DAD detector

Collection Modes

Large capacity collection valve + automatic collector (20 ml * 140 positions/50ml * 60 positions/250 ml * 16 positions)




User’s Manual

    YCIPC -HP preparative liquid chromatography
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