Vaccine production line

The line consists of YCGP Turntable, YCGS Filling and stoppering machine and YCZ star wheel positioning type capping machine. It is suitable for 5-300ml vaccine bottle automatic unscrambling, filling and stoppering, screw(crimp)capping, and labeling, etc.


lYCGP Store bottle, organize bottle, transfer bottle, meet the requirement of production.(select automatic unscrambler as option)

lYCGS Filling and stoppering machine adopts servo system+stainless steel pump filling, the filling speed can be adjusted, and the filling is gentle, solve the two major difficulties in vaccine industry,i.e.filling accuracy and the last drop.

lYCZ Star wheel positioning type capping machine is suitable for various material and various type bottle putting cap and screw(crimp) capping. Such as: aluminium cap, screw cap, pilfer-proof cap, press cap, etc.



lFilling from 5-300 mL

lapplied to various specifications of product by changing mold

lEasy to adjust.


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Containers sizes

Production capacity

Power supply


Overall size


30-500 mL

40-100 b/min

220V 50Hz

0.5 kW

1400*2320*1650 mm


30-500 mL

40-60 b/min

220V 50Hz

2.0 kW

2440*1050*1700 mm


80-100 b/min

3300*1100*1700 mm


30-500 mL

40-60 b/min

220V 50Hz

1.5 kW

2440*1300*1700 mm


80-100 b/min

2600*1200*1700 mm


30-500 mL

40-150 b/min

220V 50Hz

0.8 kW

2000*1050*1300 mm

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    Vaccine production line
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