Service Policys

1.Drawing confirmation(for customized products):

After signing the contract and receiving the advance payment, our company will make drawings according to the contract and buyer's equipment installation site and equipment placement requirements to the buyer for confirmation.


2.Production period and progress explanation:

During the production cycle of the order, our company will provide multiple times of videos/pictures to illustrate the production process; After the production is completed, the inspection will be carried out according to the agreed time.


3.Delivery cargo:

Our company will deliver the goods to the agreed place in a timely and accurate manner according to the delivery date, place and requirements signed in the contract.


4.Transport, installation and commissioning:

Our company undertakes domestic to port transportation in China. If it is necessary to go to the site for installation and debugging, the cost will be calculated separately according to the actual situation (due to the COVID, on-site (local) service is not provided currently). After the equipment arrives at the buyer's installation site, our company will provide free online guidance on installation and debugging until the system runs normally, and provide technical documents and videos required for installation and debugging.


5.Training program:

Our company provides online training. The content includes explaining to trainees how the equipment works and familiarizing them with equipment performance. To enable trainees to respond in time to problems encountered in future operations, and to ensure the normal operation of the equipment; Make trainees familiar with the operation of each unit of equipment, such as the setting and adjustment of procedures, and regular simple maintenance; Explain the precautions in use, the judgment and elimination methods of simple faults, and ensure that the trainees master it. Multiple technical trainings can be carried out according to the needs of the user.

Online Message

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