Pilot Type High pressure homogenizer

YC-PILOT series is for R&D and pilot. Its application industries include preparations, biology, food, etc.


● Cell disruption: E. coli, yeast, algae, etc.

● Emulsion preparation

● Liposome

● Medicine


● Comply with GMP and FDA hygiene standards.

● High crushing rate, one-time crushing rate can exceed 95%.

● High hygienic level, and can meet the requirements of food and drug production. 

Technical Features

● Special design of feeding valve allows direct feeding without exhaust.

● Equipped with high-precision pressure sensor and digital display panel.

● Equipped with frequency conversion control system, and the flow can be adjusted according to requirements.

● Equipment material

    —Adopt 316L stainless steel with high hygienic level, high-temperature resistant, wear-resistant and anti-corrosion.

    —The core components are made of special ceramics, which are durable and have a long service life.

● Temperature controllable

    —The inlet and outlet of the cooling joint are connected to the constant temperature bath, which effectively controls the temperature rise of the homogeneous material.

● Safety control

    —Automatically cut off the controller circuit.

Working principle

Under the reciprocating motion of the plunger, the material is transported to a valve group with adjustable size, and is subjected to extremely strong compression. When passing through the current limiting slit, the material hits the valve at a very fast speed, resulting in cavitation effect, impact effect and shear effect, so that the aggregated material is evenly dispersed.

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316L stainless steel
The core components are made of special ceramics

Flow rate



Design pressure



Pressure gauge

0~2000bar digital display, accuracy 1bar

Material consumption

0mL (no residue)

Feed pellet size

< 500μm

Product process viscosity

< 2000cPs


5.5kW, 380V/50Hz

User Requirement Specification for users to fill in the equipment parameter requirements. 

Feel free to download and send us your URS, and we will quote you a more precise equipment per your URS.

URS- Homogenizer - YOCELL



User’s Manual

    Pilot Type High pressure homogenizer
  • High pressure homogenizer -user's manual
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