SDA Chromatography system

SDA is a medium-sized all-in-one system.


Protein purification

 Nucleic acid purification

Vaccine purification

Polysaccharide purification

 Blood products

 Peptide purification


Dynamic mixer:2ml mixing chamber(optional:0.6ml/5ml).

Variety of UV detector module options. External fiber optic flow cell.

Conductivity detector:0-999.99mS/cm,temperature compensation possible.

Technical Features

•SDA is the space saving solution while maintain the same modern appearance as SCG-P. Its automation capability can be greatly extended through the additional valve installed externally. SDA is a high performance-to-cost ratio product introduced to meet various customers’ need.

•Powerful SCG operation software offer intuitive and flexible method editor, system controller and data analysis tool. Please note that the operating software is free for upgrade during the product lifetime.

•Can work with various brand chromatography column from domestic or international suppliers.

•SDA-030 can satisfy milligram level purification need; SDA-100 can satisfy gram level purification need.

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System pump

plunger pump, bioinert PEEK material, provides stable while precise flow rates

Flow rate range

0.001-36 ml/min

0.01-100 ml/min

System pressure rate

0-27 MPa (270bar, 4000psi)

0-10 MPa(100bar, 1450psi)


In-line mixer, standard size: 2ml (Optional: 0.6 ml / 5 ml)

Flow rate accuracy


Flow rate precision


Supported elution

Isocratic/ramp/step gradient, in-process modification available

UV detector

Option1)Default 260 & 280 nm imported detector, detecting both channels simultaneously, including 2.0mm external flow cell

Option2)200 - 400 nm imported detector, detecting both channels simultaneously, including 2.0mm external flow cell

Wavelength precision/repeatability

±1nm / ±0.5nm

UV noise / drift

0.16 mAu(1s)/ 1 mAu/h

Conductivity sensor

0.001-999.99 mS/cm, precision ±0.1 mS/cm or ±2%

Temperature sensor

0-100℃, precision±1℃, can compensate conductivity/pH result automatically

pH sensor

0 - 14, precision ±0.1 (2-12)

Inlet selection module

Option1)Quad-channel inlet selection module:Two buffer entry for each pump: A1/A2, and B1/B2

Option2)Eight-channel inlet selection valve:Provides 8 inlet buffer choices for each pump

Collection valve

Double-channel bulk collection valve (1 waste, 1 collection outlet)

Automatic sample injection valve

Software control, automatically injection while switching between Load/Inject/Waste mode

Installation toolkit

PEEK / PTFE pipe, installation manual, user manual, pipe joints, column clip, Flow restrictor, precolumn filter, 1 ml quantitative loop, common tools, etc

In-line bubble detector

Control operation flow via detecting air bubbles in the pipeline

Column-position valve module

Column-position C valve:support direct/reverse column and bypass flow path(Pressure resistance:2Mpa)

3/5-column selection module:Support at most 3/5 columns in-line, controlled by software while support bypass.(Pressure resistance:250psi)

Multi-column reverse flushing module

Support the forward and backward flushing function for columns in-line.

Pre- and post-column pressure monitoring module

Detection of pre-column and post-column pressures

Solvent tray

The instrument come with a solvent tray on the top, access easy while saving space

Component Collector

Small size, flexible collection methods, can place the same or different specifications of the collection bracket side by side, automatically identify the collection rack.

FC-S2 component collector,including two racks.

13mm collection rack:1 x13mm test tube rack, 90 x 5ml test tubes

16mm collection rack:1 x 16mm test tube rack, 60 x 15ml test tubes

28mm collection rack:1 x 28mm test tube rack, 21 x 50ml test tubes

96-well plate collection rack:1×96-well plate collection rack , containing four deep-well 96-well plates

SCG Chromatography Workstation

Chromatography Workstation Software:in-house designed operation software

Sample contact material list

PEEK, Stainless Steel, PPS, PTFE

AC input/ power rating


Instrument weight (gross weight)


Dimension (W*H*D)



User’s Manual

    SDA Chromatography system
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