Horizontal labeling machine

YCWT is suitable for labelling round tube-type bottles and round objects.It is controlled by stepping motor or servo motor.

Optional Functions

lMalfunction warning

lNumerical value warning



lControlled by stepping motor or servo motor

lImported touch screen

lAccurate labelling

lSmall errors

lHigh efficiency

lOutput shift production records connecting to a print

lAutomatically monitor production status.


Label Specifications

Inner diameter of labels core

76 mm

Outer maximum diameter

350 mm

Label width

10-80 mm

Label length

10-200 mm


  • Technical Details
  • URS
  • Download

Label speed

≤ 35 m/min

Bottle range

18-100 mm

Total power

0.8 kW

Power supply

220V 50Hz

Total weight

300 kg

Overall size

2150*700*1350 mm

Filling and Packaging System



User’s Manual

    Horizontal labeling machine
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