Cleaning & Sterillization

  • Hot air circulating sterilizing tunnel

    Hot air circulating sterilizing tunnel

    YCRX is mainly used for drying and sterilizing and depyrogenation on antibiotic tube bottle, molded bottle, ampoule bottle, infusion bottle and oral liquid bottle. The machine can make bottle stay ≥300℃ temperature for≥5minutes, to reach drying, sterilizing, and depyrogenation.

  • Air cleaning machine

    Air cleaning machine

    YCXQ is cleaning machine for plastic bottle clean in the pharmaceutical industry, which is suitable for 5-200ml round bottle.

  • Vertical ultrasonic washing machine

    Vertical ultrasonic washing machine

    YCXL use vertical gyration structure. It adopts the way of clamping and overturning bottles with manipulator and the principle of ultrasonic cleaning and washing by alternant jetting water and airflow to clean the containers one by one.

  • Rotary cylinder ultrasonic washing machine

    Rotary cylinder ultrasonic washing machine

    YCXG is suitable for inner and external clean for 2-500ml various materials round bottle or irregular bottle with holder to make bottle reach the requirement of production.

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