S6000 HPLC System

YOCELL S6000 HPLC system features a modular design, high speed feedback and excellent performance to meet different inspection needs.

Variety of Detectors with High Performance (DAD/UVD/FLD/RID)

The sensitivity of DAD detector reaches the level of UV detector, which can meet the needs of high-sensitivity analysis and purity analysis at the same time.


6310 Column Oven

Mobile phase preheating and Peltier temperature control unit can meet different application scenarios and achieve precise temperature control in a wider range


6210 Sample Management System

Optimized hardware design combined with two-way cleaning methods and three standard injection methods to meet different injection requirements and effectively reduce sample residues


6110 Pump System

Pump head confluence, high-pressure mixing technology, fully combining the advantages of binary high-pressure gradient system and quaternary low-pressure gradient system; unique high-frequency mixing mode, excellent gradient reproducibility can be achieved without mixer conditions

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Quadratic gradient pumps

Flow rate range

0.001-9.999 mL/min

Max. pressure resistance

40 MPa

Flow rate accuracy

≦ 0.075%RSD

Number of autosampler sample positions


Temperature control range of column temperature chamber

Room temperature-15℃)-(Room temperature+60℃)

Detector type


Detector wavelength range


Detector acquisition frequency

Maximum 100 Hz

Sampling range

0.1-100 μL


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    S6000 HPLC System
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