Glass bottle syrup production line

This line consists of YCGP Turntable, YCXG Rotary cylinder utrasonic washing machine, YCRX Hot air circulating and Sterilizing tunnel, YCGZ Filling and screw(crimp) capping machine and YCLT Vertical adhesive labeling machine.


lYCGP Turntable: Storage of bottle, unscrambling the bottle and feeding bottle.

lYCXG Rotary cylinder utrasonic washing machine: Adopt ultrasonic cavitation principle, which can effectively clean the inner and outer bottle surface, such as particles and oil. And water/air needle insert the bottle and make two water one compressed air clean.

lYCRX Hot air circulating and Sterilizing tunnel adopts hot air flow and hot air high temperature sterilizing principle to have the bottle sterilized and depyrogenated. It has the characteristics of uniform heat distribution, fine effect of depyrogen. The electrical and pneumatic components are all international brand.

lYCGZ Filling and capping machine adopts servo system+ stainless steel pump filling, the filling speed can be adjusted, and the filling is gentle to prevent from liquid leak and reduce bubble, screw capping has slipping unit, it will not hurt the cap. It is easy for the replacement of format.

lYCLT Vertical labeling machine adopts servomotor driving, clear coding, and easy replacement of letter, and high quality of labeling.



lSuitable for pharmaceutical syrup production

lUp to 12,000 containers per hour

lFilling from 20-500 mL

lWide format range with easily change of mold

lCirculation water, compressed air and WFI adopt independent needles are inserted into bottle to flush

lNo cross contamination

lNo water and air loss

lAvailable to observe whole washing process through eyes

lConvenient for operation and maintenance.



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Containers sizes

Production capacity

Power supply


Overall size


30-500 mL

40-100 b/min

220V 50Hz

0.09 kW

950*1200*1100 mm


30-500 mL

40-60 b/min

2.0 kW

1400*1120*1140 mm


80-100 b/min


30-500 mL

40-100 b/min

58 kW

5000*1700*2300 mm


30-500 mL

40-60 b/min

2.0 kW

2440*1350*1700 mm


80-100 b/min

3300*1100*1700 mm


10-500 mL

40-150 b/min

0.8 kW

2000*1050*1300 mm

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    Glass bottle syrup production line
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