Ferrule capping machine

YCXG is suitable for gargle bottle capping.


lShut down without bottle

lBottle arrive machine start

lShut down without cap

lScrew capping has flip unit, do not hurt cap

lProduct quantity count

lAlarm display



lWorking table is covered by stainless steel

lMachine transmission is mechanical type

lNo air contamination

lNo error on each mechanism coordination

lSmall noise

lLow loss  

lOutput is stable

lCompliant with GMP requirement


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Bottle size

Production capacity

Power supply


Compressed air consumption

Overall size


20-500 mL

40-60 b/min

220V 50Hz

1.0 kW

5 m3/h

2400*1350*1700 mm


80-100 b/min

2600*1350*1700 mm

User’s Manual

    Ferrule capping machine
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