Benchtop Bioreactor

  • Benchtop Cell Bioreactor

    Benchtop Cell Bioreactor

    YC-CGC is an excellent laboratory benchtop bioreactor for cell culture to create a more sophisticated configuration, with double-wall glass vessel, flexible operation, and more extensive application.

  • Benchtop Microbial Bioreactor

    Benchtop Microbial Bioreactor

    YC-JG is basic benchtop bioreactor, and mainly used for microbial culture. Its exquisite appearance and complete configuration can meet your basic needs.

  • Benchtop Plant Cell Bioreactor

    Benchtop Plant Cell Bioreactor

    YC-JGG is laboratory benchtop illumination bioreactor. The lampshade surrounds the glass vessel without taking up extra space, and is more suitable for plant cell growth.

  • Benchtop Duplex Bioreactor

    Benchtop Duplex Bioreactor

    YC-JGD controls two vessels by one controller, which is universal with YC-JG/CG series vessels, so replacement is not limited, and save more time and space.

  • Benchtop Multiple Bioreactor

    Benchtop Multiple Bioreactor

    YC-JG-X is a fully integrated high-throughput system. One controller controls multiple glass vessels, which is suitable for laboratory parallel contrast fermentation experiments. Getting experimental results more intuitively and faster. Saving more time, space and costs.

  • Benchtop Multiple Bioreactor-MINI

    Benchtop Multiple Bioreactor-MINI

    YC-MJG-X is a miniature parallel bioreactor with integrated design and more precise configuration, which helps scientists to manage more experiments at the same time.

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