Oral liquid production line

This line consists of YCXG Vertical washing machine, YCRX Hot air circulating sterilizing tunnel and YCKF Oral liquid filling and capping machine. It can execute washing, drying and sterilizing, filling and capping function. It is mainly suitable for pharmaceutical oral liquid production, and compliant with GMP version.


lYCXG Washing machine adopts untrasonic washing and independent water and compressed air spraying wash, during the whole period of pressure spray of water and compressed air, the washing media use individual needle, to avoid washing media cross contamination, the washed oral liquid bottle is compliant with GMP requirement.

lYCRX Hot air circulating and Sterilizing tunnel adopts hot air flow and hot air high temperature sterilizing principle to have the bottle sterilized and depyrogenated. It has the characteristics of uniform heat distribution, fine effect of depyrogen. The electrical and pneumatic components are all international brand.

lYCKF Oral liquid filling and capping machine adopts big starwheel to feed bottle,the filling needle is reciprocating tracking, and the single capping knife is rotary pressing, it has high success ratio on capping, and good adaptability.


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Containers sizes

Production capacity

Power supply


Overall size


5-25 mL

250-450 b/min

220V 50Hz

16 kW

2400*2100*1300 mm


5-25 mL

250-450 b/min

380V 50Hz

58 kW

4500*1500*2300 mm


5-25 mL

250-450 b/min

220V 50Hz

3.0 kW

4500*1500*1700 mm

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    Oral liquid production line
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