Stainless Steel Bioreactor

  • Stainless Steel Cell Fermentor

    Stainless Steel Cell Fermentor

    YC-CSC is stainless steel suspension cell culture fermentor that integrates many advanced functions, suitable for cell culture process development and large-scale culture of suspension cells.

  • Stainless Steel Microbial Fermentor

    Stainless Steel Microbial Fermentor

    YC-JS is an in-situ sterilized fermentor for microbial culture, with stainless steel as the main body, and suitable for pilot and production.

  • Stainless Steel Plant Cell Fermentor

    Stainless Steel Plant Cell Fermentor

    YC-JSG is stainless steel illumination fermentor, with internal lamp lighting, and suitable for plant cell growth.

  • Stainless Steel Multiple Fermentor

    Stainless Steel Multiple Fermentor

    YC-JSM-X controls multiple vessels of the same size by one controller, which can achieve rapid process verification. It is suitable for contrast experiments.

  • Stainless Steel Multi-step Fermentor

    Stainless Steel Multi-step Fermentor

    YC-JSMS-X can be equipped with multi-step seed vessels, which is a powerful assistant for process research, development and optimization. Saving labor and time for rapid process validation.

  • Solid Fermentor

    Solid Fermentor

    YC-SS is equipped with a rolling axis vessel, and suitable for the transition experiment of solid fermentation from laboratory scale to production.

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