S3000 HPLC System

The YOCELL S3000 HPLC system enables high pressure mixing in a quaternary gradient system, reducing the generation of air bubbles during solvent mixing. A wide range of options and easy maintenance.

3410 UV Detector System

Adopts high-quality optical unit and optimized optical path design, which can provide higher sensitivity and meet the analysis of microamount and trance amount samples.


3310 Column Oven

Mobile phase preheating and Peltier temperature control unit design to achieve more precise temperature control accuracy and wider temperature control range


3210 Sampler System

FTN injection method combined with high-precision syringe drive unit achieves excellent injection reproducibility and reliability of analytical results


3110 Pump System

Pump head confluence, high pressure mixing technology, quaternary gradient system that fully combines the advantages of binary high pressure gradient system and quaternary low pressure gradient system to achieve precise flow control

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Quadratic gradient pumps

Flow rate range


Max. pressure resistance


Flow rate accuracy

≦ 0.075%RSD

Number of autosampler sample positions


Temperature control range of column temperature chamber

Room temperature-15℃)-(Room temperature+50℃)

Detector type


Detector wavelength range


Detector acquisition frequency

Maximum 100Hz

Sampling range



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    S3000 HPLC System
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