Sterile eye drop production line

This eye drop filling line mainly consists of bottle unscrambling and feeding, ion air washing and filling, stoppering and capping units, to accomplish eye drop bottle unscrambling, feeding, ion air destaticizing, air washing, metering and filling, stoppering, putting caps and screw capping, etc. After changing the specifications of the mold, the product can be applied to a variety of product sizes. And it is easy to adjust, there is no need special tools for disassembly.


lThis line has function that the unscrambler stops when the bottle surplus on filling machine; no bottle no filling, no stoppering; no stoppering no capping. During the capping, the bottle is held and positioned by cylinder, it prevents bottle slip. Screw capping has flip unit, do not hurt cap.

lThe filling machine adopts servo system+ stainless steel pump filling, the filling accuracy is high, and the filling volume can be directly adjusted on touch screen.

lThe whole process is operated under the protection of sterile isolation of 100 class laminar flow hood, to make sure of eye drop sterile production, and comply with the requirement of GMP on GB, the production line is also suitable for small volume plastic bottle filling production.


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Applied range

1-30 mL plastic round bottle


Single-headed 40-60 b/min 

Double-headed 80-100 b/min

Compressed air consumption

0.5-0.6 MPa 10m3/h


7 kW

Power supply

220V 50Hz


≤75 dB(A)

Production line length

≤7 m

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    Sterile eye drop production line
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