Filling and stoppering machine

YCGS is suitable for liquid filling and stoppering in pharmaceutical, healthcare, food industry, etc. The uses single rail (dual rail for YCGS-2 and YCGS-3) to feed bottle, the bottle is transferred by conveying belt, and dialing wheel positions the bottle.


lShut down without bottle

lNo bottle no stoppering

lProduct quantity count

lAlarm display


Optional Functions

lClass 100 laminar flow hood

lPre & after nitrogen filling



lCompact machine

lEspecially suitable for 30ml-500ml bottle

l4 (10 for YCGS-2 and YCGS-3) piston pump measuring filling for accurate filling volume.

lServo system+ stainless steel pump filling

lPneumatic stoppering for high success ratio

lThe pump and other contact parts with drug liquid are SS316L

lThe working table is covered by stainless steel.

lCompliant with GMP requirement



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Applied range

30-500 mL


40-60 b/min

80-100 b/min

Filling method

servo system+stainless steel pump

Filling accuracy

± 1%

Compressed air consumption

0.5-0.6 MPa 5m3/h

Filling head

4 heads

10 heads

Stoppering head

1 head

2 heads

Total power

2.0 kW

Power supply

220V 50Hz


≤65 dB(A)

Total weight

Around 800 kg

Around 900 kg

Overall size

2440*1200*1700 mm

3300*1200*1700 mm

User’s Manual

    Filling and stoppering machine
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