Single-Use Bioreactor

YC-SU is equipped with self-produced 3D single-use culture bag, and improving the production process with single-use technology. It saves time and reduces risk, achieve efficient process research, accelerate the speed to clinic, and improve the efficiency of commercial production.


l Cell contact materials are safe and non-toxic to ensure cell vitality and product safety.

l 304 stainless steel shell, no dirt accumulation, provides protection for single-use culture bags.

l Equipped with four-legged Mettler weighing sensor, the accuracy can reach 3‰.

l Constant temperature circulating water control system to achieve temperature stability.

l Simple maintenance, higher security and ease of use.

Control System 

Use Siemens PLC+WINCC system to realize real-time monitoring of culture temperature, pH, DO, weight and pressure. It is convenient to connect with SCADA data management system, and the data can be recorded and exported.

l Curve detection

l Audit trail

l Authority management

l Scheme setting

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50~2000L (optional)


Single-use bag


Three air intakes, also can be customized

Gas control

Mass flowmeter

Basic control

Temperature, rotating speed, pH, DO, weight, antifoam, feeds, pressure

Peristaltic pump

Standard 4 pcs

Stirring mode

Single-use bottom magnetic stirring

User Requirement Specification for users to fill in the equipment parameter requirements. 

Feel free to download and send us your URS, and we will quote you a more precise equipment per your URS.

URS-bioreactor fermentor-YOCELL


User’s Manual

    Single-Use Bioreactor
  • Single-use bioreactor -user's manual
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