Diagnostic reagent filling production line

It is applicable to production of all kinds of diagnostic reagent in medical and chemical industry. Non-standard design can be conducted according to requirements. This linkage production line is made up of auto bottles stacker, air-washing machine, filling cap screwing machine, bottles unhitching machine, auto bottles screening machine, and annular conveying belt.


The filling adopts servo system+ stainless steel pump filling, the filling speed can be adjusted, and the filling is gentle to prevent liquid leak and reduce bubble. Screw capping has flip unit, do not hurt cap. It has rejection function for none capping, and separation of bottles. It is easy and fast for the replacement of format.

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Applied range

2-500 ml


40-100 b/min

Filling method

servo system+stainless steel pump (Peristaltic pump optional)

Filling accuracy

± 1%

Total power

3.0 kW

Power supply

220V 50Hz


≤65 dB(A)

Overall size

≤ 7.5 m

User’s Manual

    Diagnostic reagent filling production line
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