Warranty Policys

Quality assurance and after-sales service commitment

1) Our company promises that the equipment supplied is brand new, unused, and fully complies with the relevant quality, specification and performance requirements.

2) Warranty period: 1 year

3) During the warranty period, if a machine failure occurs, our company will actively cooperate with the investigation of the cause of the failure. Actively reply within 24 hours and provide solutions within 3 days. For the replacement of spare parts of the equipment due to non-human and force majeure factors, our company provides replacement parts for free, but does not include freight and labor costs. If the buyer requests, we cooperate and support the transportation of the buyer's accessories, and the buyer pays the freight. Our company provides full support in case of failure occurred in the final customer site. If the equipment or its parts are repaired or replaced, the warranty period will be extended accordingly. If repaired, the extension time is the same as the repair time. If a part is replaced, the warranty period of the replaced new part is 12 months from the new one.


4) After the warranty period expires, we provide lifetime technical support, and cooperate to provide accessory support.

5) This limited warranty does not cover:

·Freight or installation (inside delivery handling) damage. If your product was damaged in transit, you must file a claim directly with the freight carrier.

·Products with missing or defaced serial numbers.

·Products for which Yocell has not received payment.

·Problems that result from:

External causes such as accident, abuse, misuse, problems with electrical power, improper operating environmental conditions.

·Servicing not authorized by Yocell.

·Usage that is not in accordance with product instructions.

·Failure to follow the product instructions.

·Failure to perform preventive maintenance.

·Using accessories, parts, or components not supplied by Yocell.

·Damage by fire, floods, or acts of God.

·Customer modifications to the product.



Yocell is not liable for any damage incurred on the objects used on or stored in Yocell equipment. If the objects are highly valuable, the use of a completely independent backup system and a 24-hr redundant monitoring system with alarm capability are recommended.


Global hotline:

Our company always help to answer any questions from users in use free of charge. Global service hotline: 0086-532-80920900. If encounter any problems in the process of using the equipment, you can call for consultation, and our company will be happy to support you.

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