Application of Microfluidic Homogenizer in Dispersibility of Carbon Nanotubes

Apr 15, 2022

Carbon nanotubes are cylindrical shells with a diameter of nanometers, which are formed by one or more layers of graphite sheets rolled according to a certain helix angle. Because of their unique mechanical, physical, and chemical properties, carbon nanotubes have been extensively studied in many fields such as energy storage device electrode materials, composite materials, adsorption and separation, and catalysis.

Due to the strong van der Waals forces between carbon nanotubes, it is easy to entangle or agglomerate into bundles, which seriously restricts the application of carbon nanotubes. How to improve the dispersibility of carbon nanotubes has become an urgent problem to be solved.

Yocell microfluidic homogenizer is a precision equipment that uses high-pressure microfluidic technology to realize the dispersion of nanomaterials. Recently, one of our customers conducted a carbon nanotube dispersion test in Yocell, and achieved ideal results.

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