Adjuvant AS03

Aug 17, 2023

AS03 adjuvant is an adjuvant used to enhance the immunological effect of vaccines. It improves the strength and durability of the immune response by modifying the properties of the vaccine.AS03 adjuvant can be used in a wide range of vaccines, such as influenza and human papillomavirus vaccines. Vaccines using AS03 adjuvant have demonstrated good safety and immunogenicity in clinical studies.



Adjuvant AS03

Keratin and α-tocopherol + tween (polysorbate vinegar) 80

induced NF-κB activity and chemokine responses in local and draining lymph nodes in mice between 6 and 48 h. α-Tocopherol activated human monocytes and macrophages. Little is known about the innate receptors and signals that lead to antibody and T helper cell responses, and little is known about the relevance of stress-responsive signals to tissue damage and metabolic and nutrient sensing pathways.


AS03 adjuvant is made up of a variety of components, including emulsifiers, immunologically active substances, and adjuvants. One of the emulsifiers is mainly composed of an oil-water mixture, commonly used are Squalene and α-tocopherol. Immunoactive substances are usually target antigens or antigen fragments and can be selected according to specific needs. The auxiliary components are mainly used for pH adjustment and stability enhancement.



Role of AS03 adjuvant

AS03 adjuvant enhances immunity by modifying the properties of the vaccine. It improves the stability and bioavailability of vaccine antigens, increases antigen uptake and presentation, and activates the immune system to produce a stronger immune response.AS03 adjuvant also induces the production of cytokines, which modulate the type and strength of the immune response, thus improving the immunogenicity and protective effect of the vaccine.



AS03 Key Mechanisms of Immunity

1, DL-alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) added to AS03 adjuvant regulates the expression of certain chemokines and cytokines, enhances antigen uptake by monocytes, and increases granulocyte aggregation in draining lymph nodes.

2, AS03 adjuvant is also able to increase antibody production and B-cell activation, and improve the formation of memory immune response.

3, In vivo and in vitro studies have shown that DL-α-tocopherol effectively improves the local innate immune response profile, leading to stronger antigen-antibody specific responses.



1.Enhancement of immune response: AS03 can enhance the immune response of the vaccine, including increasing the level of antibodies and cellular immune response, thus improving the protective effect of the human body against the vaccine pathogens.

2Improve vaccine efficacy: Adding AS03 adjuvant can improve the efficacy of the vaccine, including increased protection against different virus strains or mutant strains.

3, extend the duration of immune protection: AS03 adjuvant can also extend the duration of immune protection provided by the vaccine, so that the persistent immune effect is more stable and long-lasting.

4. AS03 is widely used as a vaccine adjuvant in influenza vaccines, avian influenza vaccines and viral disease vaccines to increase the efficacy and durability of the vaccine.



AS03 adjuvants often require homogenisation processes to ensure uniform mixing and stability. This helps to ensure consistent quality of AS03 adjuvant and improve its stability and effectiveness. Specific operating methods and parameters should be adjusted and optimised according to the preparation process and production requirements.


Preparation process:

1, the preparation of colostrum, the dissolved oil phase using high-speed emulsifier and water phase mixed emulsification, 10000-12000rpm work for 15min, to complete the preparation.

The D90 of the emulsion was 2.556μm.


2, the prepared colostrum using high-pressure microfluidization homogenizer further emulsification, the pressure in the 1000-1500bar or so, the number of homogenisation 3-5 times. The D90 of the homogenised emulsion was 179.0 nm, and the effect was remarkable.

Yocell high-pressure microfluidization homogenizers are compact and easy to use, suitable for food and drug products from laboratory research and development to production.

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