YC-ATC Automatic Tubular Separation System Automatic Unloading Demonstration

Aug 11, 2021

Feeding mode:

The material is injected into the drum by the pump and accelerated for solid-liquid separation. The "heavy" solid phase will be collected on the drum wall, and the clarified liquid will flow out of the centrifuge.

Drain residual mode:

Before preparing for automatic unloading, stop feeding, the drum stops rotating, the residual liquid is discharged by gravity, and the residual liquid can be recycled. The solid phase remains on the inner wall of the drum.

Unloading mode:

Compressed air enters the drum and pushes the piston down. The solid phase on the drum wall is squeezed by the piston and expelled into a sterile bag or collection tank.

Recovery mode:

Compressed air pushes the piston to the top of the drum. After the piston recovers, the machine starts to enter a new round of material separation.

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