Case of Fermenters for Yeast and E. coli Culture

Sep 10, 2019

Customer keep buying a series of fermenters (5L-200L) for yeast and E. coli culture

Fermenter: from 2019, 2 sets of 5L off-site sterilization fermenter, 1 set of 30L basic configuration fermenter, a set of 50L automatic fermenter, a set of 20L and 200L double automatic fermentation tanks, and a set of 10L triple advanced parallel comparison tanks is negotiating.

Application: Yeast and Escherichia coli culture

Product: The final product is an extracellular protein

Equipment configuration: 5L and 30L basic configuration are used for preliminary experiments, and 50L and 20L-200L are fully automated in the later stage. The 10L triple automatic fermentation system currently under negotiation adds tail gas analysis and is equipped with professional fermentation analysis software.

The added value of the customer's products is high, and the labor cost is high. The automatic equipment is selected for the configuration. The equipment cost is high, but the labor cost is saved. The new project further adds tail gas analysis and fermentation analysis software on the original basis, improving the efficiency of fermentation process development.

After-sales feedback: The feedback is good, the use effect is satisfactory, and the equipment is increased year by year according to demand.

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