PIC-80 Ion Chromatography System

The PIC-80 ion chromatograph is a modular design with automatic sample dilution, internal thermostat and reduced system dead volume.


Automatic sample dilution:

With internal sample dilution system, the operator could set suitable dilution rates for high-concentra- tion samples through the embedded workstation on the touch screen.

Modular design to make multi-function customization:

All basic function cells could be assembled into one integrated structure by customers1 requirements

Peak flow routes

All peak materials for the whole system, including pump head, six-pot valve, flow routes with peek tubing, flow connectors and so on, to avoid the contamination of metal ions and to prevent corrosion.

Internal thermostatic system

Conductivity cell, column, six-pot valve and suppressor all are highly integrated in a thermostat, which shortens the length of flow path, reduces dead volume of the whole system and makes eluent preheating.

Dual data backup mechanisms to enhance reliability:

Local storage:

At least one year’s chromatogram data by the machine itself

Cloud storage:

Backup all data to the Internet automatically to achieve almost unlimited storage capacity.

Multiple detector options

Conductivity detector, Voltammetric detector.

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Anion baseline noise

0.000021 μS

Cation baseline noise

0.000005 μS

Anion baseline drift

0.0038 μS/30min

Cation baseline drift

0.000174 μS/30min

Detection limit (injection volume 25 μL)



Repeatability for qualification

Anion ≤0.02%; Cation≤0.02%

Repeatability for quantification 

Anion ≤0.04%; Cation≤0.04%

Max pressure for pump

≥37 MPa

correlation coefficient






Thermostatic stability





User’s Manual

    PIC-80 Ion Chromatography System
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