PIC-10A Ion Chromatography System

The PIC-10A is a stable and powerful ion chromatography device.


Integrated system with double work efficiency:

Dual IC system contains two conductivity detectors、two pumps、two valves、two columns and only one work station into one integrated structure, which effectively overcomes mutual interference between two systems. It is high work efficiency, cost-effective and space-saving.

Mono IC system: With effective column/valve switch mechanism, it could achieve time-sharing detection of anions and cations.

Powerful functional extensions:

Gradient elution can be done with the eluent generator or extra pump/valve mechanism.

Voltammetric detector is optional to detect bromide, iodide, sulfide, cyanide, lead, copper, zinc, cadmium, etc. Auto-sampler is optional which could operate 100 sample injections without manual duty.

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Detection limit (injection volume 25μL)

CI-≤0.0001μg/L (hydroxide eluent);

 Br03-≤0.0001 μg/L(hydroxide eluent);

Li+ ≤0.0001 μg/L;

Linear range

>103(measured by CI-)

correlation coefficient


Baseline noise

≤ 0.0003 μS/cm

Baseline drift

≤ 0.003 μS

Repeatability for qualification


Repeatability for quantification


Max pressure for pump

42 MPa

Thermostatic stability





User’s Manual

    PIC-10A Ion Chromatography System
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